Our Family


Bradley W. Sutton, DDS

BradleyMy name is Bradley Sutton and I am the owner and dentist here at Sutton Family Dentistry. I graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry in May of 2006, which is when I came to work with my father and mentor, Dr. Ernie Sutton. During the next four years working alongside a world class dentist, I realized just how much I still had to learn. Those very valuable and enriching years allowed me to further cement a relationship with my dad that I’ll cherish forever as well as to become the type of dentist I wanted and needed to be. He is truly a great man and a wonderful teacher, which most of you already know. I’m better as a person and as a dentist for the time I got to spend apprenticing under him. In 2010, his dental career was derailed by a brain tumor that helped him realize that there was more for the rest of his life than a spinning drill and chasing a buck. He retired to golf and spend more time with my beautiful mother, and sold Sutton Family Dentistry to me; leaving me with an awesome staff and the best patients on the planet. We moved, and began to share a building with Dr. Kim Smith shortly thereafter, and we’ve been here ever since.

I am the proud dad of four beautiful daughters and one studly son! My wife Kathryn and I have done our best to cull out of them their dad’s zaniness, but it hasn’t seemed to work very well, as I have five kids that act just like me…much to their mother’s chagrin. My oldest, Sadie is an all-around athlete and a perfectionist. She plays mom much of the time and has an incredibly mature and levelheaded attitude. Maggie, the second in line is a girl that likes to keep the throttle wide open. She loves soccer and spending time with her friends, and I am convinced that she could beat up most of the boys her age…luckily she chooses not to. Porter is my only son, and no, I didn’t name him after my uncle. My dad and both of his brothers have the middle name of “Porter”, in honor of their mother, Ruth Porter Sutton. My little Porter is a ball of fire whenever he’s doing anything. He can be quiet at times, but when he’s wrestling or riding his motorcycle, it’s at 100%. Riley is my princess, and she flits through the house singing and playing the piano and spreading cheer wherever she goes. Soft hearted doesn’t begin to describe her sensitivity. She is so sweet and precious. Which brings us to the caboose, Emrie. When she was born, we both thought she would continue with her brother’s and sisters’ sweet and cuddly pattern, but she bucked all the trends. She’s been our firecracker/angel of destruction since the day we brought her home. She has more attitude and spunk packed into that little frame than we thought possible. We love our kids each one, and they each bring something awesome and wonderful into our lives.

I love the outdoors, and I really enjoy all of the shooting sports along with running, biking, skiing, hiking and riding my motorcycle. But the hobby I love more than any of them is dentistry. I get a thrill from seeing something ugly turned beautiful; something painful feel better; someone angry or upset recognizing that they are loved and cared for. I consider this one of my callings in life, and I take the job extremely seriously-except for the occasional joke or offhand comment. Life is too short to spend it being unhappy. I love this dental home of ours, and hope you’ll love it too! Thank you for letting us serve you.

Stephanie Garza - Office Manager

StephanieHi there! My name is Stephanie and I started out in dentistry 18 years ago as a dental assistant before making my transition as office manager. I was born and raised in Southeast Idaho and enjoy the small town life and getting to know our patients personally. I am the mother of two-my daughter, Kylie, is 19 years old and my son, Bo, is 5 months old! Yes, I know, there’s quite the spread between my two children. Kylie likes to think that after having her I didn’t want to mess with perfection. But I say it’s because Kylie, alone, was more than I could handle! My husband and I are die hard sports fans and if you come to our house, ESPN will probably be playing on the TV. I don’t only admire sports from the TV screen but also play on many city league teams including softball, volleyball, and basketball. I enjoy working in the dental field and love that Dr. Sutton has a family-oriented office, as my main priority in life right now is raising Bo. Having a nineteen year old has made me realize how fast time flies and I want to enjoy every minute of my kids’ lives.

Karinne Hoge, CDA - Receptionist

KarineeHi there everyone! My name is Karinne and I have been a Certified Dental Assistant since I was 17 years old and just out of high school. I have worked in the dental field, on and off, for all of my adult life (with a few breaks here and there to just be “mom”) and have sincerely enjoyed it-I must, seeing as how I have my bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, yet still work in a dental office! Along with filling in as a dental assistant when needed, I just recently learned the receptionist job here at the office and get to do that a few days a week.

My husband, Mike, and I will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary this year and are the parents of two adorable kiddos, Allie (9) and Mekhi (7), and one mischievous golden retriever named Pippa. When we aren’t chasing after our kids, Mike and I enjoy snowmobiling and traveling. Some of our greatest family memories have been in Rome, France, Bora Bora, Cancun, Bahamas, Jamaica, Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, and Hawaii. However, lately our trips have been along the lines of Disneyland and Chuck E Cheese’s, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!

Cindy Deeg, RDH

CindyHey, everyone! I’m Cindy, and I work for Dr. Bradley Sutton as a dental hygienist and worked for his dad Dr. Ernie Sutton before that. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the Sutton clan for quite some time, and while doing so, I’ve also been able to pursue my passion for photography. It’s been in recent years that I’ve worked up enough courage to enter some of my photography pieces into the state fair and have placed red and blue ribbons. The experience was very rewarding, but did I mention nerve racking!!!

A couple of my other passions are my grown family, which my husband and I are always preoccupied with, and my two cats Jazzie and Tackle…..Now some members of the family might be a little jealous of these four-legged babies, but they always listen and never talk back….LOL

On my down time, like any other red blooded American , I enjoy a cold Bud Light and NASCAR…..Don’t judge me! If you’ve read any of my co-workers’ bios, you’ve learned by now that Steph’s NFL team is the Miami Dolphins, and Christie is a Canadian, so NASCAR has got to be a step up from that…..Right?!?! Maybe I am as redneck as they all say… LOL

Sue Hurst, RDH

SueHello! I am originally from Idaho Falls and went to school at ISU where I received my bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. I have worked in Pocatello most of my career, with the exception of a few years in American Falls and Idaho Falls. Working in dentistry has been a good choice for me and I enjoy the work and interacting with our patients. Life is about living it to the best of our ability and good dental health is part of that. I also have been fortunate to have worked for good dentists who love their work and were very family oriented. This has helped, since the main priority of my husband, Billy, and I for the last twenty-four years has been raising our combined family of nine children. All of our children, with the exception of one, are married so now we are just enjoying our energetic grandchildren! My hobbies include gardening, hiking, camping, fishing, reading, music, and, of course, being with my family.

Diane Peck, RDH

DianeMy name is Diane and although I’m new to Sutton Family Dentistry, I have had 34 years of experience in the dental profession. I graduated from Idaho State University and currently work as a clinical instructor in the dental hygiene department. I enjoy building relationships with my patients while providing quality and comfortable care. My activities include hiking, skiing, cycling both mountain and road along with time spent with my family.

Cyndee Harmon, RDH

No-NameHello, my name is Cyndee.  I have been a dental hygienist for 18 years, graduating from ISU in 1996.  I was adopted into the “Sutton family” early on when I began my career working with Dr. Ernie.  I love being a hygienist.  I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories.  Getting to know the people I serve is the best part of my job.

I am proud to call myself a real Idaho girl.  I have been married to my husband Allen for 22 years and we are grateful to call Pocatello our home.  It took me five times to get my baby girl, but I did it.  I have four awesome boys and one sweet girl.  I have a great family and my favorite thing is to be with them.  If we happen to be together outdoors, then it’s like Heaven.  I also enjoy reading, working out, and am currently trying my hand in road riding on my new bike.

Debra Dayley, CDA

DebraHi, my name is Deb. I’m a dental assistant for Dr. Bradley Sutton. I’ve been a Certified Dental Assistant for 30 years. Things have changed over the years and can I just say I love new technology. No more paper charts or developing x-rays in a darkroom. Digital x-rays and CEREC crowns are my two favorite innovations.

In my spare time, I love to ride my horses and enjoy the outdoors with my family. I’m able to give back to the community by sharing my knowledge and love of horses by teaching kids to ride. I’m a 4-H leader and my passion is seeing the kids in my club become confident riders.

My grandkids keep me busy and entertained with their activities including sports, music and dance. Being an active part of their lives is the most rewarding part of my life. It also keeps me young at heart.

Christie de Winter, CDA

ChristieMy name is Christie, I’ve been a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant) for 12 years and been a part of the Sutton Family Dentistry team for 7 years. Often times as an assistant we see our patients at the height of their anxiety, stress, and nervousness before their dental treatment begins. Anyone can think of a better place to be than in a dental chair; however, I pride myself in being able to cater to my patients needs and calm them so they can successfully receive the dental treatment they require. Now that you know a little about the professional side of me here’s a little more about my life outside of the office.

I’m a total Dog lover and happy to say that I’ve been able to cross off an item from my bucket list when I adopted my Dog from the Humane Society. I love to travel and do so as often as possible. Since I’m from Canada, visiting family always makes the perfect excuse for a road trip. Now I know what you’re thinking; does she have a dog sled, does she live in an igloo, and can she speak American? The answer is no, no, and yes!!! Now your thinking of a Canadian joke to tell me but trust me I’ve heard them all….LOL We’ve all heard that Canadians are gentle and happy souls so my goal in life is to achieve world peace through gentle dentistry. :)

Becky Dodge, CDA

BeckyMy name is Becky and I’ve lived in Pocatello my entire life. I have been a dental assistant for 16 years, working first for an orthodontist, then a pediatric dentist and now here at Sutton Family Dentistry. I’ve been working here for a little over five years.

I am married to Jeff and together with our blended families, we have 8 children and one daughter-in-law. We will become grandparents for the first time in August 2014.

Jeff and I have a love of soccer and have played together on a city league co-ed team since we were married. We also enjoy traveling the world and visiting new countries. Other activities we enjoy are hiking with the family, skiing, camping and just spending time at home watching movies and having all the kids together for fun and games.